Engagement Session

Dennis & Karen Engagement Session

October 24, 2017

What’s more beautiful than seeing two people so in love? Karen and Dennis were picture perfect in this engagement session in Laguna Beach! I still can’t get over how gorgeous the bride-to-be look in all of the photos!

Dennis proposed a month ago and their wedding is coming up quickly in February. Karen told me that both her and Dennis are camera shy and they don’t have many photos of them together. They wanted to have photos that they both love for their wedding invitation and for the wedding.

Naturally, they felt awkward at the beginning of the shoot but Dennis did a great job at making Karen laugh and their photos turned out to be so cute and flirty! I just love how he looks at her adoringly in every picture and it can’t get any better with this gorgeous secret beach in Laguna.

Karen & Dennis Love Story: 

“Dennis and I first met in the beginning of 2013 through mutual friends.  We would occasionally see each other at group events.  Everyone knew he had his eyes on me, but I was so oblivious.  Dennis was so subtle and might have kept his cool a little too well.  But finally, after two years, he asked for my number at his annual Christmas party!  After that night, everything aligned so perfectly.  We had an instant connection and understanding that only strengthen us through time.  In less than two weeks, we made it official on New Year’s Day. For our one month anniversary, we had an incredible vacation in Cancun.  That was the first time we said our ‘I love you’.  It took us two years to get together, two years to be married, and forever to be together as a whole.  I am so thankful to have him as my fiancé, my life partner, and my soul mate. ”

Ahh… what a beautiful story!!! I’m such a romantic…I can’t believe he waited TWO YEARS to finally go after THE ONE! Go Dennis! By the way… have you seen Karen’s ring? He did so gooood!